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Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer

Providing you with superb quality packaged drinking water plant with effective and timely delivery.

Dewpure Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has remained successful in providing top-notch services in terms of installing and maintaining packaged drinking water plants. As a leading manufacturer, we use highly innovative technologies to stand out in the prevailing competition.

Our collection of highly exclusive packaged drinking water treatment plants and installation services has been recognized by almost all clients across India. We have come to provide you with highly efficient water packaging and bottling businesses, which is a new technical cost-effective dimension.

It is a matter of pride that we are having a bunch of clients who belong to the domain of packaged drinking water plant. It has been possible due to the dedication of our highly skilled team members. They guarantee unmatched levels of performance, minimal maintenance, high longevity, and the easy operational facility of the plant.

We include high-quality raw materials along with the latest technology at the time of manufacturing water plants. To date, our team has been successful in delivering packaged drinking water plant belonging to variable sizes ranging between 3,000 LPH and 11,000 LPH for matching business needs.

Quality Standards Assured with the Manufacturing

Your search for a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of packaged drinking water plant near me in Kolkata ends with us. These efficiently manufactured water plants comprise quality standards that make them efficient to turn raw water into healthy drinking water. As they are manufactured using materials comprising high tensile strength, you will become free from the stress of maintenance.

The plants that are manufactured from our sides are recognized for producing high-quality packaged drinking water for businesses dealing with filtration and production of packaged bottles of water. We have been successful in adopting new technology associated with the water purification industry to ensure quality standards.

Certain Aspects Followed at the Time of Manufacturing Water Plants

For successfully establishing a packaged drinking water plant, we as a packaged drinking water plant manufacturer prefer setting up processing units first. Also, we have obtained the ISI mark from the Bureau of India Standards for convenience.

There are certain aspects that we follow at the time of structuring, manufacturing, and installation of units of the packaged drinking water plant. Some of the vital ones include:

Though the specifications related to packaged drinking water plants depend on their overall capacities of bottling, we take utmost care to provide the best output. We proffer ensuring the highest standards at the time of offering the best service comprising the latest technical specifications.

We are just a call away in terms of providing the best in terms of repair and maintenance services.

Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plant

FAQ Questions

Q. What is packaged drinking water plant?

A packaged drinking water plant treats water from any source to convert it into a treated and disinfected form. The water undergoes various forms of treatments including filtration so that it becomes easy in terms of consumption.

Q. How are packaged water plants set up?

For setting up packaged water plants, it is essential to obtain the necessary licenses and calculate the total cost of investment. Afterward, the land requirements must be finalized followed by identifying the source of water. Finally, you will become ready for setting up the required machinery with accessories.

Q. What types of licenses/approvals are required?

For setting up the packaged drinking water plant, ISI certification is a must. Only, then you will be ready to manufacture and sell water plants and the required accessories. If possible, obtaining a water test report from an authorized laboratory will also be a good decision.

Q. Can one apply for the ISI mark and commence production?

Yes, it is possible to apply for the ISI mark for commencing production of water treatment plants. Firstly, an application form must be filled up for ISI certification. Afterward, it is necessary to pass the test of Inspection of Factory Premise followed by submitting the same to obtain an ISI certificate.