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Dewpure is one of the best mineral water plant manufacturer in Kolkata with various accessories

Dewpure is a leading mineral water plant manufacturer in Kolkata, West Bengal. Its wide range of machines renders safe drinking water.


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mineral water plant suppliers, we have gained recognition for offering a wide range of machines that will render safe water for consumption. The water undergoes the procedure of reverse osmosis before undergoing pre-treatment. We have forayed our efforts in manufacturing quality water purification plants.

industrial mineral water plant is assembled with the help of high-quality raw material along with the latest technology machinery. Hence, you need not invest much in its maintenance as it will be inclusive of highly sturdy construction. We have kept the mineral water plant cost reasonable to make the water purifier available to almost all.

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FAQ Questions

Q What is natural mineral water?

Natural mineral water refers to the type of water that reaches you directly from the springs. They are not suitable for consumption or industrial usage as it is inclusive of lots of dissolved minerals. Passing it through a mineral water plant will convert it to a usable form, thus benefitting nature as well.

Q How does a mineral water plant work?

A mineral water plant works based on reverse osmosis. The harmful contaminants get eliminated from the water. Finally, the water that is achieved is pure and is inclusive of a natural taste. Drinking the purest form of water will benefit health as well.

Q How does water purification plant work?

The water purification plant works in two different ways: physical and chemical filtration processes. In physical filtration, water passes through a membrane for removing large-sized particles. And in the chemical filtration process, water is treated with the help of smart technology for removing impurities.