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Electro Chlorinator

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 piece
AC Input(Rectifier) 230V, Single Phase ,50 Hz
Active Chlorine Generated 25 gms/hr
Dosing Pump 6 LPH 4 Bar
Hypo Strength 6-8 gms/Litre
Storage Tank 100 ltr
Time 8 Hours
Installation Service Yes

The process of electro-chlorination generates chlorine in a scientific process. It makes chlorine for disinfection with the process of aqueous sodium chloride (also known as common salt, or NaCl). Alternatively, it can be produced in batch mode that converts a salt solution into sodium hypochlorite. It is done with the help of a concentration of 6-12g/L either in a flow-through system or a buffer tank.